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  1. Hello friends. Im thinking of implementing the same style of racks for 20 gallon tall and 10 gallon rimless tanks but me and my other nerm friends are arguing a lot. I think it could work since Cory uses tons of 20 gallon tall tanks in the CoOp store and to what I know nothing has happened... but I have two variants to the overall layout: 1) I´m using 20 gallon tall tanks, rimless I've made myself (no leaks when placed on a conventional aquarium rack or table), they dont sell those ones with black upper and lower borders they sale in the US or I see in the AC store tours. Im making it out of 6mm or 1/4 inch glass. 2) Im placing inside each tank about 20 Kg (44.09 lbs) of gravel, sand, nutrient rich and /or dirt for a 5 inch aprox. layer, maybe a bit more. We are arguing because the AC tanks on that the corner suported only racks dont have substrate or incredibly supercial amounts. So my friends have a point thinking that all that hard weight might make the base come apart, crumble, brake or straight up cave in or out. So can you help me out to research or just explain to me if the rimless tanks on the corner supported Coop style racks will work or not? Maybe someone has tried it out under similar conditions? Please :)? Thank you for your time and cheers!
  2. Hi. Everybody. Need some guidance please. I recently bought from a breeder 50 male guppy, 35 blue platy and 25 white balloon molly. The have been in quarantine during 6 days and tommorrow they are coming out but the weird thing is I have not lost any Molly or Platy fish but every day Im loosing Guppies. Im applying the same protocol to both of them: - Praziquantel - Metromidazol - Levimasole - Erithromycin I dont have access to brand name so Im using phamceutical grade and veterinarian grade. Ive used them before and despite having a couple of losses in the past nothing like seeing fish drop like this time. I taught it was the water and nope the guppy kept being taken down, I exchanged the tanks nothing and put them together all three species and only gupoy die. Please give me some light on the matter, I dont understand what is happening and it intrigues me. I would like to take care of the money I spent and have them around to apreciate them. Cheers!
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