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  1. Though I don't have any rimless tanks, I'd wager they would be fine. 20 gallons of water, even with the substrate, isn't all that much weight for a glass pane to bear. You could do an experiment to put your mind at ease, building a small stand just a few inches off the ground. Fill it and leave it for a week or more. If it's still standing, then you'll be more confident in it.
  2. No, they aren't bolted up top. They don't quite line up with the joists. I have two support beams running across the back, one is in this photo along the bottom row of tanks. Another has been put along the top row since then. The 55/75s will go in a second rack on the other side of the room. A set of like two 55s and 4 20Hs. But then I got to thinking of the 75s and maybe doing a few 40 breeders beside them. I've got the month to think about which style, while the $1 sale is going.
  3. I love the minimalist style the Coop's racks. So I set out to do a similar setup, and it's coming together well. I planned on doing a couple 55 gallon tanks mixed with 20 gallon ones since they are the same width. Now that the $1 sale has started, I looked at my local Petco, and they have no 55s right now, but there were 75s. So now I'm thinking about the added width/weight. Cory has said the weight with glass tanks are carried on the corners. I think if I use thicker or two bolts at each corner it'd be alright. An alternative would be to double up the vertical 2x4s. Thoughts?
  4. I go with CLL Pet Supplies on ebay. They ship fast every time I order something from them. 23x17" fits two 20L or one per 20H to 55. But I do go with Swiss Tropicals for their JetLifter tubes. They do create more lift with less air, so my air pump can go to more tanks than with homemade PVC lift tubes.
  5. I ordered up some more Marina large breeder boxes off Amazon for fry. It arrived this evening, only to discover this. Did Fluval just buy Marina? They've always come in Marina boxes the times I've ordered them before. Now it's got a bit better packaging, the accessories are in a bag, an instruction booklet. It's late here, but I'll have to compare it with my older ones and see what else may have changed.
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