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  1. I came home to my 2 pairs of angelfish with a bunch of eggs. I have never successfully hatched the eggs. Parents keep eating them. This time I pulled the eggs and came up with a hatchery and tried to do the best with what I have. I filled up a 5 gallon bucket half way with water and added a heater to heat the surrounding water to 82. I then added 2 jars to keep the eggs separated when they turn to wigglers. I added some meth blue to the bucket and some air stones underneath each batch of eggs. Also what should my next steps be with raising the fry. I’ve got some baby brine shrimp bubbling right now. Also I have a 20 long ready to go for a grow out. And then a 125 ready to grow all of the fry if I need more room. Any help will be appreciated. I love angels and I love the hobby I just want to be successful plus do what’s best for the fish to not stunt their growth and to have a very low death rate. Eventually I would like to have my platinums practice enough to raise their own fry but for not I’d like to have at least one batch growing out.
  2. Okay, I will keep that in mind for the next batch, they seemed to be eating the zucchini especially like crazy though. Any other tips?
  3. I had my first spawn of bristlenose, they were almost a week after losing the egg sack. I have done plenty of water changes about every few days. I have been feeding plenty of zucchini, green beans, cichlid pellets, krill flake food, and some algae wafers. Also getting out food that has set for longer than 24 hrs. Today I did about a 50% water change and every single one of them are dead. Guppy fry in tank are doing just fine. What could be the cause of death? I do not want to make this mistake again. Thanks in advance.
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