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  1. Ended up moving my Kribs to a 60gallon tank with a few other SA/CA cichlids. They are a lot more out and about now that they have others in there with them but I’m keeping an eye on things in case I start to get some spawning behavior from any of the fish! unrelated, got my first batch of guppy fry in my 20 gallon community tank! As far as I can tell, I’ve got 7 free swimmers but mama still looks large and in charge. This is my first time with any fry so learning as I go!
  2. Actually just went to Agnonautics today. Small shop but the people were very nice and helpful. Good looking fish, lots of plecos and community type fish and discus with a couple cichlids and big fish. I ended up getting a really nice school of green tiger barbs and a pair of golden rams—both of which I’ve yet to see in an LFS
  3. @Billipo hopefully you come when it’s not so frigid! Something Fishy is mostly cichlids but his tanks are beautifully clean and the fish are fantastic. Prices are reasonable too! I got A school of some of the biggest and healthiest looking neon tetras I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t recommend this place enough RMS is more like a warehouse and the one time I’ve gone they didn’t have a ton in stock. To me it felt more like going to a big box store only in that they have a bunch of tanks and employees so not so much the small LFS experience I’ve been used to. I got a pair of kribensis from there though and they are doing well so far!
  4. So, my partner and I bought a pair of kribs from a LFS yesterday. I have been interested in getting into cichlids lately and knew I wanted to start with an apisto or a krib. It just so happened we stumbled upon the kribs while shopping for something to stock our nano tank (don’t work the kribs went into their own 10g not the nano 😝) While I was doing the research into the kribs I found that they are good spawners without much interference from the human food factory so I thought they might be a decent way to start breeding. I have 3 guppies pregnant in a community tank but I don’t plan on removing any fry and letting happen what will happen. if anyone has any tips for kribs specifically or their personal experiences with breeding them or their care in general I’d love to see it!
  5. Went on a tour of different local fish stores over the weekend (Cleveland, OH area) RMS Aquaculture in Warrensville Hts: bought a pair of kribensis. They are my first foray into cichlids! Massive, warehouse type store if anyone in NEO hasn’t been yet! Bluefish Aquariums in Lyndhurst. (Down the street from an awesome houseplant store if you’re into that sort of thing called the Wicked Plant Co). ALMOST jumped the gun and bought some CPDs. Really beautiful store with a ton of livestock both salt and fresh Rainy Day LLC in Cleveland. Finally found a store that had some cardinal tetras and a licorice gourami in stock. Not a huge livestock collection
  6. I did I believe one small water change in that month. I tested the ammonia this morning and got a 0 and the tank looks lovely and clear. I realized today that I had added a moss covered coco husk from a friends mature tank. I think I stumbled On kick starting the seeding of the beneficial bacteria without even realizing it
  7. Me too! You’ll have to share your favorite stores!
  8. My name is Julia, and I am brand new to the forum! I feel so welcomed by the community here (far more helpful and nice than Facebook) I got into the hobby fairly recently and haven’t looked back! I have a 20g community tank with pea puffers (the little menaces), yo yo loaches, kuhli loaches, an assortment of Cory’s and some dwarf gouramis. I also have a nano with some endlers and ADFS that I would love to get babies from and a 10g with a dragon scale betta (the only one with a name, Bucephalus) I think my next move will be to get another 20g with an apisto pair and some friends and in the future I’d love to get into angels once I have more space for a bigger tank. so excited to be part of this community!
  9. Okay so I, being the type of person with the “too much gene” bought a tank and fish and set it up same day, around a month ago. I have a 20g with hob filter, heater and lights. It is moderately planted. When I was doing all of this, I was totally unaware of the dangers of fish in cycling. Of course, being a dive head first into hobbies type of person, I joined discussion groups and did some reading and learned that I may have made some critical errors in doing a fish in cycle. To this point, I have lost 2 fish (a dwarf gourami and a pea puffer). I started doing water tests because of this and had the values below. To my eye, nitrates and nitrites are at 0, pH at 7-7.5, kH ~40 and gH 180. Where I am getting lost and confused is about what the water parameters should be in my situation and what to do next re: water changes, ammonia removers, etc. It seems to me that my remaining fish are doing well, the fish bought from big box stores (rookie error, didn’t know at the time 😖) are coloring up and the ones from my LFS (finally figured that part out) aren’t showing any signs of stress. TIA, a confused but eager new fish parent
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