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  1. Never saw it in process. I’m not sure if this looks normal ( I obviously cannot assist) but wondering if anyone has experienced seeing to know average time it takes the molting process??thanks -I’m just curious. it is a ghost shrimp that actually spawned a baby in my tank last week!
  2. I’m so sorry, I actually did lose some ghost shrimp initially but as I recall they were already dying off ( LFS Feeders) I still have one left but also a baby ghost appeared last week! So there’s THAT! ALSO the day I did second dose I got unexpected call that LFS order of 6 Amano shrimp and 15 chili rasboras were delivered and I had to take. I don’t have a quarantine tank so in they went. I did lose 10 chilis in first week but ALL Amanos are thriving , despite being put into 2nd dose Expel P on day one in new home. I figure they are very hardy too! I don’t feel the lost chilis were due to Expel , but rather poor condition from shipping to LFS. Hoping for the best for you.
  3. My water was very cloudy for a few days but all shrimp/ snails survived.it took a few days to see the planaria disappear. I had not added fish at that point. Did you have an air stone going besides any other filtration? They say that is needed. the second dose did not cloud the water one week later. Hope things go well from this point for you.
  4. I have the same AC ammonia strips with the exact same situation you describe. I just went back to using the API two step drops for ammonia. I did not contact AC/ perhaps we will see an explanation or reason. Mine were purchased withIn the past couple months.
  5. I think I will suction out these globs of snail eggs. I like nerites ( I have one in another 5 gal that is 4 yrs+. ) but not fond of the pest type snails. I never expected my pitiful feeder ghost shrimp to procreate! What a happy surprise it was. I love the Amanos tho- so active and feisty!
  6. You just tap and hold on the text y Well, thank you! Any comment on that crusty looking ghost shrimp? It was from my LFS as a throw away feeder - like .29 each😞. And IT made baby(s)!!! Think it will molt? My Amanos have not molted either……
  7. This pic looks like the ghost “ should” be molting soon?? I’ve not seen any obvious molting of any shrimp yet. I have a wonder shell in the tank and my Gh seems to be about 75-100 on the AC TEST multi strips. A chili took a nip towards baby but baby jumped away!! Natures way!! Also- how do I use the quote feature? I think I’ve messed up several times and sorry if my msgs have not appeared quite in order?
  8. 10g about 2+months going. Finally things seem stable. Before adding fish I got 5 ghost shrimp to put in tank . Two have lived to thrive. Then I added 6 Amanos at about the 6 week mark. All have thrived. TODAY I see a tiny baby shrimp!!! 👀I’m guessing from a ghost shrimp??? Im putting in a pic- it’s on the white rock. Also second pic- shrimp or snail eggs in cluster??? Nobody including the 5 chili rasboras seem to be eating. Just some random pest snails which I’m not wild about but haven’t removed . The Amanos race around the tank like wild at times. Very territorial if I put in a wafer. Think I need to supplement more???
  9. That’s what I was hoping for in numbers. thanks .
  10. I’m getting very close to 0 Nitrites and will let it stabilize for a few weeks but excited to then add to my chilis! The five are active and starting to color up a little more. Being patient ! I will NOT order again from my LFS. I plan to order from DansFish eventually. In a 10 g with only 6 Amanos besides the 5 chilis , ANY advice on # to order?? I will not be adding any other variety. Any other reputable supplier names as option, though I have researched Dans and like what I see. thank you.
  11. Thank you for replies. I squeezed out imh sponge filter n a portion of tank water, but cleaned all the other parts w a brush and my filter is going so much better now so that might help too, as it was bubbling very weakly, this is my first sponge filter and I had not squeezed out yet since tank set up. So now I know that when it slows it needs mechanical cleaning. Maybe that will help another newbie to sponge filter maintenance. today I got some API Quick Start and dosed it. I still have Fritz - should I not be mixing in a 24 hr time period? All the fish and shrimp are very active and looking good so hopefully after I get over this nitrite issue it will stabilize. im afraid to do 50.% water chsnge with the livestock - msybe too much shock? I did test my tap water and it was 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate, ph7, and soft. My tank readings both are on the hard side 150-200 but I’ve been putting in a small wonder shell in each,
  12. With all the above measures I’m still doing, including very sparse feeding, when should I expect a drop to 0? It seems stubbornly staying at this low but unacceptable level.? Could it be the end stage of a full cycling? This set up is under 2 months old.( Ammonia 0)
  13. Can anyone give advice on this test reading for nitrite??? It isn’t white but very faint pink but not yo the 1 level.
  14. After a couple weeks it seems like 5 of the 15 CR are doing well. Very active/ feeding/ exploring but still not colored much however I’ve read it can be a long time since juveniles(??) my nitrites went up to .25 a couple days ago 😟however. I think I over fed x2 dsys 10 gal nitrates are 25 or less, pH 6.8-7 , ammonia (by API ) 0, GH 100, KH40 what I’ve done: two small 10-20% water changes added some Bioboost x 2 days dosed with Fritz conditioner ( as per label) to detoxify nitrite. added 1tsp dissolved aquarium salt This morning still reading 25 nitrite. ANY advice for today?? I’d hate to harm my 5 CR and the 6 Amanos from not doing something I have not thought/read about. Bigger water change???? Advice welcomed!!!!!
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