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  1. Well I plan to do the Expel P when it arrives. AquarCoop said ExpelP will not harm the beneficial bacteria. Too bad these planaria got in but I learned a lesson . A week ago I had not even heard of planaria. Mine are all tiny still so hopefully the treatment will be very effective.
  2. Wow, who knew!! Wish I’d learned this about a month ago/ fewer headaches for sure now! I’ll do this method now on with additions of plants. Thank you! maybe I should buy 10 gallons of seltzer and do the whole tank. I guess that would totally undo the cycling I’ve accomplished however. Duh
  3. I’ve determined these are planaria so I plan to use the Expel P after all. I want to have a snail / some shrimp when I stock( tank now empty of fish/ anything else) and Planaria seem deadly to snail/ shrimp. I see nothing that looks like round detritus worms- only these flat white long things on the glass. I should get meds today in mail. Should I put the new plants in also getting today in the tank to “ treat “ them today? my gut says yes but would like others views. ps- pretty sure the planaria came in with some pond water lettuce I ordered and broke off some 1” babies to float in tank. I’d rinsed but now well enuf apparently. what’s your Fave “ New plant Cleansing” formula??? Many thanks. I cannot capture pic of them on glass but here’s the set up regardless.
  4. Detritus worms are possible before fish are added? One snail had been in tank only about 10 days. I have not spotted the white crawlers on substrate. These look like very tiny slugs. How big are planaria? All photos I look up are laboratory views with no context. thank you and I’ll hold off meds until certain.
  5. 3 weeks ago I began cycling a new 10 gal planted tank also with spiderwood. I asked this forum for advice when I got a big brown algae outbreak. I got good advice here on all that. Well, it’s cycled according to many tests however a new issue has appeared. Many little white ( approx 1/8” or smaller) worms crawling all over glass. I took the one nerite snail out of the tank and put it in a small tank I’ve had going. Done much reading and I’m guess these are Planaria????? They are not big enough to plainly see the triangle head shape. Maybe they got in from the big rock I weighted the spiderwood with?? I washed it very well with lots of hot water. so I have Expel P on the way from ACoop. Does this sound possible? I’d like to deworm the tank BEFORE i add some shrimp and then later some chili rasboras. I tried to photograph them but too small. They are white colored. I do not see them IN water column. is Expel P the best treatment since I’m not treating actual fish/ shrimp at this point? Should I put the snail back in for the treatment time??? I also see some tiny dot sized critters flitting around in water column. SHEESE! sorry so long, just trying to give detail.
  6. Hope the vinegar works! My 5 yr Fluval spec 5 gal has gotten outside deposits at corners. Is this worrisome as far as leaks in future or just cosmetic and cleanable does anyone think?? Our water is hard 300 and Kh very low. PH runs on the low side 6.8 -7. could this be significant factor ? I’m really trying to grasp the water parameter issues and also have a 10gl I’m cycling at the moment. Its readings are reading softer GH75, 7 pH, KH 40+. Thank you.
  7. Thank you all for great info/ advice. This is a ten gallon so I don’t plan to have many fish. I did put spider wood in and had to weight with big neutral rock ( I tested it with some dif things) as it would not sink after 10 days. It said it would not tint water but it HAS. The water is not cloudy but def tinted which is ok. I’m thinking of getting a group of chili rasboras single species tank. (my other tank is a five year established Fluval 5 gal with a beautiful Betta and two Nerites only. See clear looking pic!!) So these pics did fine. I guess the video of critter was not uploading from my library. the critter was like a small mosquito larvae but it was white/clear with a black dot head. Only about .25”. I don’t see it today. O well. I did rinse but transfer a couple water lettuce babies onto surface from outside so maybe it got in that way??? back to DIATOMS- do I vacuum gravel , decorations now or wait a week or more?I did squeeze sponge out yesterday in cup of tank water and it was pretty full. First time using sponge filter. Pic included of diatom covered EVERYTHING!! the tanks are in my pottery so I keep them covered pretty well to keep the ( silica) dust out of tanks. thank you all again.
  8. I don’t know how to get photo in you tube so it may just have to go unanswered but I appreciate the response. ( I’m 72 and not so saavy on tech but trying!!!) The other question I have on tank cycling/ is it normal to have a bunch of brown specks ( loose) all over everything!!! I guess it’s some type algae??? Water parameters still good. Zero nitrites/ ammonia/ zero nitrates at this point but I have used Easy Green once or twice in past 3 weeks. i read conflicting cycling advice but don’t want to add fish until sure. thank you!
  9. I’m cycling a new set up and have gotten most plants recently from aquarium coop. The parameters seem stable but no fish yet. I did put my nerite in last pm and he/she seems great. But just saw this critter / see video. friend or foe, any opinions?????? not sure video loaded but I’ll post this and check then.
  10. This critter is seen in my one month old ghost shrimp(only) tank. It is about 1/8” long snd darts around and will burrow in substrate also. Anybody know what it is?? Trying to post a close up pic.
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