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  1. I absolutely understand this more of an experiment than anything I have many friends who enjoy the self sustaining experience as-well as I am. Before I leave for my military orders and give some notes to my family about what to do I plan to get an air stone and heater for the aquarium. In reality my tank in the end won’t be exactly “self sustaining” a pure self sustaining tank is like dropping a human in a Forrest to survive possible but not pleasant. That’s why I’m adding a airstone and heater to give them a more pleasant advantage and experience. My idea and just what I‘ve seen is the more heavily planted tanks require less work and maintenance which is what I’m aiming for mainly just for military purposes of leaving home
  2. I’m really considering getting some air stones would you recommend ember tetras or mountain cloud minnows very very keep in mind for my tank? I came across those as an idea for my tank
  3. I more or less plan to have a nano fish that will eat off the plants or at least that’s the plan but if it comes to topping it off once awhile that’s obviously okay. And great recommendation! I’m gonna do some research on those! I’m open to more ideas of other types of nano fish aswell I originally thought about ember tetras but I’d love to get a range of options
  4. For the last 2 1/2 weeks I’ve been waiting for my heavily planted guppy grass 5 gallon aquarium with some small pearl weed and dwarf grass & moss (no filter) so far the guppy grass is exploding like crazy and producing enough oxygen aswell as removing many bad elements. I added 2 ghost shrimp to start eating some algae. I haven’t done any water changes more or less adding water every week from evaporation. I plan to add very very few maybe 2-3 nano fish in this tank within the next two weeks. My ammonia and nitrite levels are zero nitrate is between 20-30(I think less now) ph I believe is 6.0-6.4. I talked to my local fish store they told me just to give it 2 weeks or a week 1/2 and add the 3 nano fish then I don’t plan to add anymore than that due to the ecosystem adapting to that bio load. This tank was mainly done outta experimentation because usually for my self sustaining setups I do have a filter in the beginning later on take it out once it’s heavily planted and thriving. So my question should I add the nano fish with the next week or so?
  5. Started a self-sustaining aquarium 5 gallons so far so good guppy grass is growing great however I do notice that it's starting to mold? I have enough nutrients under the sand in my tank. I have duck weed and pearl weed Aswell that are doing amazingly well. I just want to make sure that my guppy grass will be alright. If it continues to get bigger which it will I have a whole other 10-gallon tank it could do great in. I keep my lights on 7-8 hours
  6. So, I try to dose excel every day just a tad bit I already have root tabs and such in the substrate. I don't know exactly what my parameters are but I would assume low. I do not know my PH either. I just use my tap water (conditioned). Like i got no clue what exactly things are specifically all i know is the ones in the substrate are doing bad the floaters are doing quite decent tho Nitrite Nitrate
  7. less than a week maybe 5 or 6 days or so it's day 3 of me doing the water change. The pearl weeds are starting to die but I have a strong light I leave on for 8 hours a day every other plant I do also have is doing alright.
  8. Hello! So I just bought some pearl weed planted and floated some. The floaters are growing like crazy while the ones in the substrate aren't. (Beside the point) I'll be leaving for a military assignment for the Air National Guard soon. I have my girlfriend being able to take care of my main 10-gallon tank, however. If I started within the next few days in my 5 gallons just growing/ floating pearl weed with just lighting no filter no heater nothing. Let it just grow and cycle itself. In theory when I come back should it be self-sustainable to put in fish? Thanks
  9. Should I do a 50% water change? Everyday I'm very new to this planted hobby so im a bit confused
  10. So basically, the plants and everything are brand new I just transferred my fake plant tank aquarium to a planted more self-sustaining tank its the first week so far i'm not sure how i should go about water changes or dosing fertilizer (excel)
  11. Hello! I have a 10-gallon aquarium with a filter and heater as well as a aquarium light for planted tanks. In this tank I have just a guppy but plan to get mountain minnows or something similar. I'm growing currently 15+ stems of pearl weed and four bacopa plants. For substrate I'm using stratum for fertilizers I have excel and potassium. I usually leave the light on for 8 hours a day. The reason why I'm writing this post is because with my smaller 5 gallon aquarium i used the same lighting substrate fertilizers etc. yet no growth with the pearl weed? I'm trying to hopefully here in the next few months to try and get to it to the point where it's self-efficient. Should I do constant water changes or something else?
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