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Found 7 results

  1. I have clumps of pearl weed that have grown from a sample I bought years ago. I cannot for the life of me keep it rooted in the substrate. Part of this is because I have a bratty corydora who keep insisting that it shouldn't be in the gravel and she likes to pick through it. She knows she's a brat.
  2. Hi all, I recently bought some pearl weed from the ACO and just taking a brief look at the instructions on the product page it said to plant it in the pot so that it can grow quickly without being uprooted. Having gotten home from work late that night and in a haste to get the plant into the tank before it suffered heat damage (South texas is still scorching even in late September) I planted the whole plant and pot, including the rock wool. My question is, should I uproot the plant now a day later and remove the rockwool, or will it be fine as is? I've never planted a plant using the actual pot it comes with so I'm a bit out of my depth. Thanks in advanced!
  3. Anyone know if my finnex stingray 2 will be enough light for pearl weed in a 40 breeder or 20 long?
  4. Has anyone encountered pearl weed breaking off at the end of stem and floating to the top of the tank? I’ve been noticing this recently in my 29g endler setup where the pearlweed has recently taken off. Not sure if this is being caused by a nutrient deficiency or is just a self propagating behavior. At the moment, I am running a dimmer nicrew planted+, 25% weekly WC, and Easygreen dosing at 2mL per week (slightly under-dosing). This typically leaves me with between 5-10ppm measurable nitrates before each weekly WC. Thank you for reading through the post!
  5. Hello. I bought two fancy guppies last Wednesday 3/15. Both died yesterday which I can’t pin point the reason. I slowly acclimated them before joining them with the other guppies in the tank. I also bought a pot of pearl weeds and that also died. Do you guys do product replacement? Thank you.
  6. I was wondering what I should get to carpet a 20 gallon tank I’m going to set up. Pearl Weed, Monte Carlo, or Dwarf Baby Tears? Which one is the most beginner friendly? I have never tried to carpet these before. im also open to any suggestions you have😀
  7. Hello! I am planning on setting up a 20 gallon soon and I was thinking of getting a stingray from the Co-op, I want to try and carpet some pearl weed, and grow some Scarlett temple will this be good enough?
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