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Normal for guppy grass to mold? Or start turning brown.

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Started a self-sustaining aquarium 5 gallons so far so good guppy grass is growing great however I do notice that it's starting to mold? I have enough nutrients under the sand in my tank. I have duck weed and pearl weed Aswell that are doing amazingly well. I just want to make sure that my guppy grass will be alright. If it continues to get bigger which it will I have a whole other 10-gallon tank it could do great in. I keep my lights on 7-8 hours

Image (8).jpeg

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Hi can you get a close up of the mold? 

I would trim all mold affected off and dispose of the trimmings. Chances are those portions are deteriorating already to allow growth of anything on them. 
Often food gets stuck in guppy grass and gets funky. Try rinsing it off it the underlying piece of plant looks healthy 

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