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  1. I have a Nicrew plant LED light on from 11am-6pm, it’s a planted tank. I thought I read that they are not nocturnal. Maybe that’s debatable? lol They were literally all over, exploring and eating all day the first 24-36 hours in there.
  2. Hi all. Glad to have found this forum. I recently added YoYo loaches to help with a trumpet snail explosion. The day I got them home, they were very active, all over the place. It’s been 3 days now and they are all hiding/resting with little activity. Is this normal with new YoYo’s? Could they have eaten themselves into a stupor? Water parameters are all good. 78 degrees. Zero on all, 5 on nitrates. PH is a bit higher than they may like maybe? but it’s been a Betta tank and has been pretty consistent at 7.8-8. Thank you for any input!
  3. I buried my Betta I lost recently in my front garden. Miss that guy. He was my first and got me started in this hobby.
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