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Found 7 results

  1. Ok, so I had a large culture of black worms that I was keeping as a sustainable food substitute for my 55 long The worm colony eventually started to decline, I conducted a bunch of research and made a decision to integrate the remaining into my 55 gallon. And, while I knew they would thrive, and help out in many ways, none of my fish seem to be interested in them until I harvest from the substrate and introduce them to the water column. Sometimes my guppies are seen picking at them but not really chomping or hunting. And the worms are all located on one side of the tank opposite filtration about 5 inches in frome the sidewall so there aren't TOO many but more than I wanted to maintain and I don't want to feed them the worms regularly...just for general information purposes pH, kh, ammonia nitrates and nitrites are all in suitable conditions. The inhabitants are; 2 male guppies, 11 Rasbora mix of pork chop and harlequin with (1 being an emerald stowaway I got for free) 4 peppered cory's, 3 Julii cory's, 5 (full grown now) otocinclus, 3 black khuli's, 2 marble hatchets, and 1 whiptail pleco. Nearly all of my bottom dwelling/scavenging cats are not really going after them as I'd hoped. Are there any smaller more aggressive hunting fresh water fish out there that I could add to help with maintaining this, crop, of sorts? Keeping in mind I have 31 little occupant's already? thanks in advance!
  2. Okay okay I’m getting the summer tubbing bug. 😄 Once I connected the dots and realized I could breed shrimp, wheels started to turn. My question is: is it possible to set up a tub with shrimp and fish in such a way that I have something to eat dragonfly and mosquito larvae, while still getting the shrimp to breed? Trying to do a tub with just shrimp and no fish seems like a recipe for disaster out here in rural Maryland. Lots of different kinds of dragonflies visit our garden every summer, as well as LOTS of mosquitos. Or is my best bet to have a shrimp-only pond but cover it tightly with a fine screen?
  3. Hello ive looked all over the internet and in my fish health book for help with this issue and ive medicated the tank with a lot of different meds. the water is good I've tested it multiple times over the last 2 months. I've got angelfish, corydoras , plecos and a leaf fish in the tank. i started with a school of about 13 dwarf neons and had no issues. then added some black marble angelfish that did go into a qt tank for about 6 six weeks and showed no issues. so i added them to the 72 bowfront. and slowly I'm losing 1 rainbow fish at a time. I've medicated with the aquarium co op trio as well as many other meds with no results. but its odd that whatever it is just killing one rainbow at a time. so it makes me wonder if its not the leaf fish attacking them. he is about 5 inchs and the rainbows are adults at about 2-3 inches. tho I've never seen him attack them but I'm wondering if it happens at night. no other fish in the tank are effected besides the rainbows and like i said it happens one at a time. i did have a person on a rainbow fish forum say they've seen what im calling the (BLACK CHIN) before but found no cause or cure for it . any advise would be apricated
  4. What is everyone’s favorite predators that can live in tanks 75 gallons and below? I’m especially interested in predators that can consume adult sized guppies/minnows.
  5. Has anyone else had an issue with there guppies eating there own fry? I dont mean like accidentlly eating 1 or 2, My guppies literally follow behind the females waiting for them to drop fry so they can eat them. I tried putting them in a breeder box and then moved most fry to another tank when they gve birth there was 3 fry i couldnt get with the breeder box in so i removed the 2 females and dropped them into the tank, as soon as i did they hunted down and ate the last 3 fry. I feed multiple times daily high protein food and even bloodworm. They have many places to hide but the larger female guppies will sqeeze into anywhere just to eat them.
  6. Over on YouTube, @KGTropicals asked the poll question, how do you dispose of dead fish? The comment section was sometimes informative, sometimes absolutely hilarious. I wanted to pose the same question here. How do you dispose of fish when they go to the million gallon aquarium in the sky?
  7. Hello everyone! After seeing everyone's ponds in another post I wanted to ask about the pond I have. I have a pond that is roughly 50 - 90 gallons with a waterfall above. The only reason we don't have any fish in it is because of racoons, bears, and large birds. My question is; how do people protect their ponds from animals? Also, In my opinion, the size of our pond is too small for koi. If there is a way to secure it, what fish do you recommend? Thanks!
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