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  1. Hi! Just purchased a school of Alestopetersius brichardi (Brichard Tetra) for my 80 gallon. Wondering if you ever found info on spawning them or had luck yourself. I’d love to hear about your experience keeping them! I’m finding very little info online; any tips on keeping them would be super appreciated!
  2. Thanks so much for the advice! I’ll keep you updated!…I’m curious to see how this all turns out
  3. No, no treatment/medication since I first got them. And surprisingly the bumps went away about a week after having to move them from a 10 gallon tank which sprang a leak and drained completely overnight to a 4 gallon tub…I thought for sure the stress of that event would have caused further issues. The only other change aside from the move is that I’m not using a light; just natural light from a window.
  4. Odd, so the mouth bump/growth has just disappeared on all but 1 or 2 of them?!?! I would love to know what to make of this!…they had the bump for ~8 weeks.
  5. Thank you so much for your replies! It does resemble the Neon Tetra Disease mouth growths, which was my initial suspicion (I treated for Columnaris since that was my 2nd best guess). It just hasn’t been progressive at all in 6 weeks; I really thought I’d see some decline if it was NTD especially in the smaller ones (they were basically fry when I received them.) And yes, not cottony. I’m going to keep them in quarantine for now….tough call
  6. Thank you Colu! Do you know how long it can stay dormant? Is this mouth bump the dormancy stage? Could it eventually go away and if so how long could that take? Are the other tetras in this school without mouth growths healthy or possibly infected as well? Sorry for all the questions… I just hate to cull a school that seems to be doing well otherwise, but I don’t want a long term “sick tank” that I can’t add to.
  7. Not sure what to do…Neon Tetras have been in quarantine for 6 weeks after receiving shipment from reputable online seller. Most of the school had mouth growths so I immediately treated for Columnaris with 2 rounds of Kanaplex & Jungle Fungus Tabs (Nitrofurizone). 4 weeks later there’s no improvement but also not worse and no deaths. They have good color are eating schooling and other than mouths seem alright. I’m currently doing a round of level 2 aquarium salt. I guess I’d love some advice on what to do next as I don’t want the quarantine to go on indefinitely but I don’t want to risk the health of my main tank either. They are in a 10 gallon cycled tank.
  8. Thank you thank you!!! All 4 are looking good this AM! Did another 25% water change first thing and plan to do another later today. Water still blueish despite two carbon filters strapped to sponge filter. prepped a diy breeder box in case I see my little guy getting bullied. He seems to be sticking with the school and following along alright for now but tbd if he can consistently get to the food without help. There was a little chasing between the 2 largest but I’m just glad to see them darting around a bit. A couple pics if you see anything I need to add/do differently. (Bought an extra air stone but they were out of splitters…will have to trouble shoot that tonight.)
  9. Thanks so much for the help and feedback! A couple questions plus some background on my situation for other future readers 🙂 Added carbon to filter and did 50% water change to start taking out meds today…I had done a full round of API EM Erythromycin, 1st course of API General Cure (when I thought maybe neon tetra disease and before seeing the info on columnaris; ruled out NTD after losing 1st fish and seeing spread and progression with 2nd fish that died) Just finished a single round of the 5 Day Kanaplex & Jungle Fungus Treatment. I still have 4 out of the 7 neons I started with (plus 3 mollies who are healthy and happy in main tank): 2 neons that seem healthy and robust, 1 that is okay (active, eating and schooling a bit) but something seems “off” and then one who has unfortunately lost most of his back fin and tail seems slightly crippled so he is having a very difficult time staying upright. This last one is trying so hard and putting up quite the fight, but isn’t able to school and is considerably smaller than the others. He’s trying to eat and even tries to greet me 🙂 Any tips on improving this little guy’s condition or helping with feeding? I’m dosing a little aquarium salt & will add the extra airstone first thing tomorrow. I was considering adding a couple live plants but am nervous to change too much or add anything that might reintroduce bacteria or something risky. Thoughts? I put some gravel from my main tank in the hospital tank when this all first started; I have an extra small sponge in the main tank still that I’ve been holding off using; been able to keep my ammonia in check so far. should I use it now in the hospital tank or is this risking cross contamination or reinfection? Also, I am supposed to do a 2nd round of API General Cure 2-3 weeks after the 1st. Should I bother with that or give these guys a break from all the medication? Sorry long winded, this has been an overwhelming experience…1st tank, 6 weeks to properly fishless cycle, and in my 1st week of starting to stock I’d only had my neons 2 or 3 days before seeing signs of illness and losing 1st fish. All stocking plans haulted of course. it’s been a steep, swift learning curve on quarantining and buying from a reputable source to say the least. On the bright side I was able to pull the school before it spread to my Mollies, I have an assorted stock of meds and full quarantine setup for when I get to the other side of this! 🙂
  10. Whew! Got it! Everyone in the hospital tank seems alright (same condition as before) so I’ll do that 25% change asap 🙂 thank you so so much for all these details and being so committed to helping! Very grateful to find this post!
  11. Hi @Colu wow this thread and the previous has gotten me thru 10 days of treatment for my neons…on day 5 of treatment and need to double check dosing!!! Eeek! I had read it as a DOUBLE dose of jungle fizz on Day 5 with kanaplex. Is this wrong!?!?
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