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  1. I run a fly fishing guide service. We see common carp all the time, but every now and then we see fully mature mirror carp in the 20lb range. They certainly don't struggle in the wild!
  2. My water hardness is literally off the charts of every test I've ever used. I may start using a tiny pinch from time to time though.
  3. I appreciate the feedback! I do have really hard water.
  4. Hello fellow fish nerds, I've got a 30ish gallon planted aquarium that currently houses a handful of endlers. My LFS (shoutout to The Fish Room, ABQ,NM) has some Bumblebee Gobys. Have any of you ever kept them before? Do they thrive in fully freshwater aquariums? Thanks in advance!
  5. Fluval 307 canister and yes it got moved.
  6. Update: I just got home from work and there are no new casualties. I'm going to continue daily water changes and monitor ammonia closely. As far as the blue coloration to the water; it is very faint but still present. I'm waiting for a copper test to come in the mail. I really was expecting to have lost my entire aquarium.
  7. You guys have been a big help. I really appreciate all the advice and the concern. When I get home from work I will update this post as to where we stand. As far as the chlorine goes, I have been treating with tap water conditioner heavily and consistently show zero chlorine on tests. For whatever else is in the water, who knows.
  8. I'm assuming it was an ammonia spike from disturbing the cycle. I had all the substrate in buckets with aquarium water for about 48 hours. I was hoping that would save my bacteria load but I'm assuming it didn't.
  9. The only thing that I can think would be packing up everything and moving 3 days ago. I added Fritz zyme 7 when I set the tank up as well as again this morning.
  10. 75 gallon community tank with praecox rainbows, ottos and two columbian snowball plecos, gold lazer corys and two rainbow stiphodon gobys. Everything was ticking like a clock with no issues for months. I moved over the past weekend and every fish made it through the move healthy. My water at my new apartment has a blue-ish tone to it. This morning I awoke to finding 3 rainbows dead, 2 corys dead, 1 snowball pleco dead and one goby dead. My parameters are: 10 Nitrate, 1 Nitrite, 300?! Hardness, 40 KH, 6.4 ish PH. 0 Chlorine. I did a 10 gallon water change before I left for work but I'm afraid my entire tank is going to be collapsed by the time I get home. Recommendations?
  11. I plan on doing a large school of small tetras or rasboras. I was thinking something else to go with that school and shrimp
  12. Hey all, I am working on setting up a heavily planted 75 gallon aquarium. I have relatively hard water (thanks New Mexico) and I need a “Centerpiece” fish or fishes. What shrimp safe fish would you recommend? It seems like most centerpiece fish would happily eat mature fancy shrimp. Thanks!
  13. Is there a thread related to how you built the cave cameras? I would love to spy on my gudgeons!
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