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  1. So I recently received a large green terror from an old neibor that had received a green terror from someone that was getting rid of it. My neighbor was on the older side, and was not as involved in the hobby, and so I was then given the fish. I currently house it in a 300 gallon rubber maid toat outside with a heater set to 74 and a canister filter with a Ivan sterilizer. The only other inhabitants are some small feeder goldfish and livebearers(guppy’s). All the other fish are eating fine, but the green terror(doby) is always more interested in biting my hand off than in the variety of foods I feed him. This includes chilclid floating pellets, hi Kari lion head goldfish pellets, vibra bites, an older goldfish sinking sticks, and community flakes. The only thing I’ve been successful In getting him to eat is a live earthworm. Water quality is very clean, with 25% water change weekly and a ph of 7.4. Any suggestions on how or what to feed my terror?
  2. Thank you. I had read up that letting them sit out will help them adjust to the barametric pressure easier, good to know it’s a more known thing.
  3. I only say that because they float without moving. But this is also their first day so I’m not trying to stress to much, but also just stay safe.
  4. Thank you guys for all y’all’s helpful advice. Ive had this tank set up probably since November. I just tested my water and ammonia and nitrate don’t seem to show up on test strips. Any thoughts on how to fix a swim bladder issue, or do weather loaches act similarly to clown loaches. Due to the fact after you mess with them, they shoot right back down like nothing happened.
  5. Today I bout 2 5 inch weather loaches. They seemed to be doing fine in the bag, but since then they have been acting strangely. Extremely lethargic, also one seems to have its back half float up. One also will lay on the bottom, and slowly start to tip over onto its back. 7.4 ph 55 gallon aqurium 70 degrees. only other fish are 6 Australian rainbows and a freshwater flounder. please help.
  6. Probably the worst advice i ever got was when i first got into the hobby and i was keeping 2 pea puffers. At the time, i wasn't the smartest but i will say i have learned my lesson. I asked a store employee what you could feed these guys and he gave me a container of cichlid gold. Probably my favortite food to feed my fish now, but not the best thing for pea pufferes.
  7. So i was just wondering while im sitting here in math class if anyone could lend hand on this. About a month ago i bought an Apontageton Bonivienas, at least i think thats how its spelled. Anyway i was wondering if anyone knew how to propagate these plants, and also big daddy cory if your reading this do you have plans to ship them like the tiger lily?
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