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Found 10 results

  1. My shipment was so close 😫. I'm in Wenatchee WA about 4 hours away from Aquarium Coop. Now its all the way in Elk Grove Illinois. How does USPS justify this? I hope my plants survive if it ever shows up.
  2. Let me start by saying you can't even message Cory or at least I cannot to let him know what's happened so I guess I just have to explain it here. After this it probably wouldn't even matter if this was deleted and I was kicked from The Forum. All I wanted was a plant to grow for my guppy fry. But I was not offered an option for replacement all I got was a refund so I guess I'll just have to look elsewhere. This was supposed to be my message to Cory but it will not let me message him Hello. I placed my first order with your company because I've been watching you for a few months on YouTube and you have some products that I would like to try. Well I ordered last Sunday on February 14th there was a delay in shipping due to the weather. Once I seen the delay I brought it to the attention of someone at aquarium Co-op website they insured me if there was a problem they would make it right. Well I just received the order and the plant was dead just as I suspected. My biggest problem is I did not want a refund I was never asked if I wanted a refund or replacement I guess it's just cheaper for you guys to refund my money. I guess I will just have to purchase my plants somewhere else because all I wanted was some plans so my guppies had somewhere to breed for the fry to go. I guess your company could not provide that service for me nor even try to make it right with me just to make it right with your company I appreciate your dedication to the Hobby I really do but I cannot be happy with purchasing from your company. The short of it I just wanted to let you know what had happened and I was not even given the option
  3. I don’t blame aquarium coop for this except maybe they could have offered and suggested I pay a little extra for expedited shipping which I would have should have done. I am 12 hours / <800 miles straight down I5 from their location but USPS sent my plants to Utah, then Nevada, and finally California. I didn’t get them until 4 days after they were mailed. When I finally got them leaves were pretty limp. I planted them immediately but they don’t seem to be thriving. Brown patches forming on the leaves. Anything you can suggest to help keep these plants alive? Fertilized with root tabs only at this point, I don’t think I should add liquid fertilizer until I see signs of growth. 8 hours of light per day. 29 gallon tank with 6 corydoras, 12 neon tetras and 2 mystery snails. Gravel substrate with the root tabs, fairly hard well water no chlorine or softeners. Pretty new to this, all suggestions welcomed.
  4. I've always thought free shipping applied to orders over $100.00.I made 9 orders this past year all over $100.00.The average was $135.00.I was putting an order together the other day and as I checked the total I saw it was at around $64.00 and it said free shipping. Can someone explain what's up? Ps I Love cory and aquarium coop!!
  5. New plants arrived yesterday and I love the new delivery bags @Cory! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  6. Yes, that's a potted plant. All my plants arrived frozen solid. This has nothing to do with AC. The post office delayed shipping, the plants arrived in my city and were then sent to a different city, then delivered to me and left outside on the ground in 12 degree weather. So my question is: Can I save them? I'm heartbroken.
  7. I got my stimulus check today so I have extra money to spend and have been needing more plants and fertilizer. I'm split between buying now or waiting because I know the mail is running behind. Is it safe to buy plants and can anyone give me a rough estimate of how long it will take for them to be delivered? I live in Illinois.
  8. How long can plants like vallisneria and pennywort live in shipping?
  9. I was wondering what kind of shipping service you guys use as I live in a locked building so getting items shipped here can be difficult to deal with certain carriers.
  10. So i was just wondering while im sitting here in math class if anyone could lend hand on this. About a month ago i bought an Apontageton Bonivienas, at least i think thats how its spelled. Anyway i was wondering if anyone knew how to propagate these plants, and also big daddy cory if your reading this do you have plans to ship them like the tiger lily?
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