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  1. I think there must be something wrong with your plant. It can either be light, the lack of fertilizers, both, or even something else. You can take some remedial measures in this regard. In the first place, remove the yellowish or brown leaves because they are already dying, and rebuilding them will take a lot of nutrients and energy. In my opinion, there isn't much hope. A root tab in the tank is one of the essential things, especially if you have That type of Amazon Swords or other aquatic plants. Carbon dioxide injection is another solution that can revive yellowish and brown leaves. Your fish can die from a bit of extra carbon dioxide. Please do so accordingly and I hope that works.
  2. Excellent and patient work. How much time will it take you to catch it?
  3. Excellent; congrats. Please keep an eye out for the tetras because they have the ability to jump whenever they get the chance. even though 75 gallons is almost ideal.
  4. Nice video, all the fish are very busy. However, if it is copyrighted, it may pose a risk to you.
  5. It's great to be among so many talented and knowledgeable people. It would be fantastic if we could share our green tank perspectives so that we could build each other's fish tanks. It will be a pleasure to learn from you all, and I apologise in advance if I ask a simple question about fish tank rebuilding.
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