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  1. Well you came to the right place! Watch Corey’s videos. They helped me so much!! in 14 months I have five tanks 😜from 5 gallon to 75 with three of them planted. I have learned SO MUCH from his videos.
  2. I lowered the lights settings and boom! crypts are doing better and have new growth! Thank you everyone. 😃
  3. Can you screen shot you settings for me so I can make them the same as yours? Thank you 😊
  4. I’ve had them since December, they look awful.
  5. Nitrate 30-40 nitrite 0 ph 7.2 chlorine 0 hard water they are crypt wendtii, I have harlequin rasboras, two Plecos, Odessa barbs, cherry barbs, and black mollies. I have moved my light to the front of the tank and back it doesn’t make a difference
  6. I planted my 75 in December, I have put root tabs in every two months, also use easy green. I have a Fluval plant light. My crypts are pathetic and I can’t figure out why, any advice?
  7. There doesn’t seem to be any listed under city of lake forest park muni code. https://www.codepublishing.com/WA/LakeForestPark/#!/LakeForestPark15/LakeForestPark1506.html#15.06.050 5, 10 talk about water tanks and pools.
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