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  1. Thank you so much. I just ordered some Kanaplex, going to give it a shot. Appreciate it!
  2. Hi Team - I've got two Gold Barbs that I recently put into quarantine. They were originally in my 75 gallon display tank. They have red spots / sores on them. I assumed this was some sort of bacterial infection, so I've run through two full courses of Maracyn. I've also tried salt - up to 1 tablespoon per gallon. They've been in a 10 gallon quarantine for about 3 weeks now and don't seem to be getting any better even with these treatments. At best, they seem to be about the same. They still swim around and are eating. Parameters are listed below. Any ideas on what this is and what I should do? Pictures also attached. .Thank you! Temp: 74 Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite:0 Hardness: 100 Buffer: 80 pH: 7.6 Chlorine: 0
  3. Hi Team - I recently got a puffer fish and have been feeding him snails. I was wondering if parasites can be transferred through snails that the pufferfish eats. Does anyone have experience with this? Just want to make sure that I don't undo my deworming efforts. Thanks! -Tyler
  4. That’s a fair point. I should have clarified, I didn’t mean to suggest 8, I just meant to suggest Geophagus haha. Apologies if I lead anyone down a bad path!
  5. You may try a group of Geophagus. I have a group of 8 Geophagus Tapajos and I think they would be fine in a 55. They also tend to hang out near the bottom and sift the sand, so it might add a different layer of action to your tank.
  6. Wow - incredible. Thanks again for sharing
  7. Thanks @Mmiller2001! Likely headed down this route in short order. Thanks @_Eric_ - I am going to test water again, maybe wait another day. If its not resolved, then I am going to start treating for parasites. Do you prefer the Paracleanse, Prazi Pro - or something else?
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the insight. I am going to ask around my LFS’ and see if I can find some interesting ones at a good price.
  9. Wow! These are incredible @Fish Folk. Did you start with smaller ones and grow them out? I'm having trouble finding even small ones for less than $40. There are some online options - but not finding anything great local. Where have you had most luck? What size did you go with?
  10. Thanks for the continued insight here @Fish Folk - pending I can find a stand (or build one), I hope to get my 75 Gallon up and filled with water by the end of next week. Its go time!
  11. Thanks @Shadow. There are so many people out there talking about how you have to keep discus. I figured there are likely even more people that are keeping them successfully and just never talk about it. I am super excited to get back into it. I remember when I was growing up, my brother and I were super into aquariums, and a family friend gave us a discus from one of his tanks. This was like a holy grail for us - we could have never paid for a discus. We honestly knew next to nothing about it, and threw it into a heavily planted 40 gallon community aquarium with tetras, angelfish, parrotfish (yes, a huge parrotfish), and everything in between. We didn't turn the temperature up high or anything - the discus lived for years and did really well. We were even running a makeshift CO2 reactor 24 hours a day using yeast, sugar, and water mixed in a 2 liter bottle and coming into the tank via an air stone. I got to thinking, if I was able to keep discus going as a 12 year kid with no knowledge, it has to be easier than the internet is making it out to be haha.
  12. @_Eric_ - thanks so much for the feedback here. I am using the Aquarium Coop strips. Your comment made me think it might be worth getting another test done - I may head to my LFS tomorrow to get a reading from them to see if they are picking up something that I am not. Regarding the parasites - that is where my head was. All the fish in the tank came through quarantine and treatment, but you never know for sure right. I may end up going the paracleanse route, and perhaps some Prazi-Pro. Regarding the water changes, you bring up a good point. I have done a few sizable water changes recently. I am on a well, so my water does not have any chlorine in it. As a result I don't put in any conditioner. I may try adding some conditioner anyway - who knows, maybe there is something else in the water that is upsetting the fish. I think you are spot on with the regular water changes. Given the fish aren't showing any physical signs of parasite or infection, I am not concerned they are going to die off all of a sudden. I think I am just going to do nothing and continue to watch. If it doesn't get any better in the near future I will likely head down the treating for parasite routes. I'll circle back once I get it figured out. Thanks so much for your thoughtful response.
  13. Hi team - my fish are flashing/scratching, and seemingly everything is okay with water conditions (numbers posted below for reference). Its a 75 gallon tank with Geophagus, barbs, and danios. I have never seen the Geophagus scratch/flash, but the barbs and danios do it with regularity - seems like I see one flashing every few minutes. I do regular water changes. Its interesting because I have a separate 40 gallon tank - roughly the same parameters, and I see my Cory cats and guppies flashing/scratching as well in that tank. The fish are all eating, look extremely healthy, no physical signs of disease on them, but I seem them flashing / scratching. Any idea what it might be and how I can fix it? pH 7.6 Nitrates 0 Hardness 25 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 80 Chlorine 0 Water Temperature 80
  14. I am sure this will probably work, but long term it might break down if it gets wet. Id try to go with something made of more sturdy wood - or a strong piece of furniture. The bigger you go the more you should think about the stand. I currently have a 10 gallon on my bathroom countertop and it’s doing great!
  15. I’ve always wanted to try a bird and a Juliana pig. Someday! If I ever get them I will post pics!
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