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0-15ppm gH......any fish thrive in water this soft?


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I'm back into the hobby after a long hiatus. Previously I had harder water, so I'm not used to current tap water which has little to no hardness at all. I have a 38 gallon tank stocked with 3 male platies and 16 tiger Barb's (8 regular, 6 green platinum, and 2 Starfire Red GloFish). I clean it once every 2 weeks, syphon the gravel, and do 30 to 60 % water change. The tank is almost 4 mos old. 

My fish don't seem to be thriving. I've tried an airstone, aquarium salt, a ph adjuster, and beneficial bacteria. The tiger Barb's don't seem as active as I think they should be (i.e....a handful of them just hanging out not moving much for large portions of time du ing the day, unless I get close to the tank).

My question is, should I adjust my tap water to suit the fish, or get fish that are suited for my tap water? I feel like I have the perfect water for a Discus but my tank is too small. What other fish are good in water this soft and acidic ph (6.0-6.5)?




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Yeah, all fish can thrive in that water because is easy to raise the hardness with coral or aragonite. In a way, I feel like I won the jackpot, because you can make any water you want with out an RO system. It will just take a little tinkering and a test kit.


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