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Is there a way I could use this tank

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3 hours ago, Andrew Puhr said:

If the bottom rim fell off and is still in one piece you could just silicone it back on or honestly if it is only temporary and you don't have silicone or anything you can just set it in there to use. The trim will still do its job even if its not siliconed to the glass

I don’t have the rim as it came of in multiple pieces and I threw it away so I’m guessing that means this tank is totaled?

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Not necessarily. So rimless tanks need to be carefully supported with no point loads. Not a crumb, not a feather, not a pea under them. Perfectly clean smooth surface. Some have thin foam mats that keep them from any pressure points. If you have a perfectly flat surface (like a laminate countertop) then you CAN easily use the tank as a rimless tank--especially temporarily. Do an overnight fill test to be sure it is sound.

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