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How much Iron? How do you prefer to test?


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1) What is a good target number (ppm) for Iron, specifically with red plants? 

2) What test do you prefer? I was looking at the Seachem test. (edited: I think I mispoke earlier reffering to the seachem test as strips)   

3) Should I just forget 1 and 2 and look at try to let the plants tell me....   

 I will probably test just to know the baseline but interested to hear how folks like to manage this. 

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If you're dosing liquid iron go with the recommended pumps printed on the bottle  per your tank size and go from there depending on results. If you are feeding root tabs to Amazon swords, or crypts one to two tabs every 3 - 4 months keeps my plants happy; the bigger Amazon swords will sometimes take 3 to 4 tabs, crypts are usually happy with just one. If you want to run a scientific log by all means test, but for the most part letting the plants show you what they want and following recommendations has worked for me in general. When you notice deficiencies, or algae problems it's time to test for sure, otherwise I run my normal water tests at least every 2 months.

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