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New use for coarse sponge


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Though I only needed a small amount for my filter, I bought two coarse sponges from Aquarium Co-op.  Because you never know... 

Last week I cut out a rectangle to try and fill the gap between the HOB and the glass (I didn't want my betta to find out the hard way he's gotten too big to hang out there).  It was too thick so I used something else. The sponge stayed on the counter to dry. 

Tonight when doing my water tests, I saw the sponge sitting there, and a light bulb went off. 

Here's another use for the coarse sponge.   




I always had this fear of the vials tipping and breaking.  This gives me some ease. 

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@Gideyon clever idea! And so inexpensive! I'm sure a lot of us have different ways we've found to handle test tubes- it'd be interesting if this became that kind of thread. I use 2 clear glass coffee cups- empties on one side, I take each and fill them all with water first. Then I take them one at a time as I test. The ones that have to be timed I put on the table in front of the bottle, but I can discard my PH, KH, GH, in the empty cup right away since there's no time on it. I haven't broken any yet. *fingers crossed* I've looked at a lot of holders but they never seem to have a place to put the caps....

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