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Help Identifying Algae: Blackbeard??

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Tank is about 10 weeks old.  Made it past a green and white algae bloom, then past 4 weeks entered brown algae bloom.  But now the brown algae looks more black.  Very hard to remove.

In the third photo you can see the difference between the brown and black hairs.





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41 minutes ago, Brandy said:

Looks like staghorn to me. I have always seen it in my tanks with high light/low nutrients. So depending on the plants you may want to fertilize more or light less.

Thanks for that observation - that sounds right to me.   I have had 0/0/0 Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate even with fully stocked with fish.  I just increased the fertilizer dosing on Sunday, including Seachem Nitrogen, Trace and Flourish.  Sounds like I should dose regularly and see where that leads in 2 weeks.

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