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Using a shrimp tank as a breeding tank?


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Hi, I'm new to the hobby and am thinking of starting my first breeding project!

I have a 160l (about 42 gal) community tank and lately one of my honey gourami have been building a bubble nest and I have seen the male "embracing" one of the females. I therefore went out and bought a 30l (about 8 gal) tank to set up as a breeding tank.

I don’t want to leave it empty after, and was wondering if I set this up as a shrimp tank, could I use it as a breeding tank later on with the shrimp still in it?

Could not find any good information on this online and am therefore hoping someone here have any experience with this.

Any advice is much appreciated!


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I don't see why not, as long as the fish you're breeding won't make quick meals of the adult shrimp like cichlids, honey gouramis should be fine. I keep male cherry shrimp in my breeding tank mainly because I don't want to deal with shrimplets while cleaning up after the fry. My fish are breeding all the time, barbs, tetras, pencilfish, WCMM and whenever I catch them in the act and feel like raising fry I can throw them in the breeding tank for a few hours or a day and then within a few days fry are hanging on the glass and soon after that free swimming. Then again I don't breed for profit, just to get my own schools of fish up in numbers.

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