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Amano Shrimp Eat Eggs?


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As a general rule, everything eats fish eggs. Your apistos might do a pretty good job of guarding the eggs, but they might eat the eggs themselves. You never know. I was forced to put my January pleco eggs into a net breeder as the new breeder box I'd ordered got delivered to the wrong house. Suffice to say the other plecos made short work of them through the net breeder. Amano shrimp have been observed hunting and eating fry also. It's a fish eat fish world out there. There's always something trying to eat you if you're a fish egg, fry or even an adult fish. There are very few fish that aren't in danger of being eaten by something. (Maybe an adult whale shark is safe, but I wouldn't even guarantee that.) If you're ever reincarnated and look around and notice you have fins, expect to get eaten. Not many fish in the real world ever die of old age. 

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