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I'm Jon form Long Island New York.  Great to be here and very exited to be a part of this new community. Just got back into the hobby after about 6 years thanks to the coop.  

Here are some pics. 15947569225495329069509191319127.jpg.ac48e1003454ace46a8420414d58916a.jpg







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Hello, I'm Chey and I'm from northern California. I'm only 22 and have been a fish hobbyist for just under a year. I have a big community guppy tank with black loaches and African dwarf frogs. And then I have a African cichlid tank and a Betta tank that I rescued. Ignore all the algae on the ciclid tank I accidentally missed a mystery snail nest and now I have 50 baby mystery snails in there so I left the algae for them.IMG_20200713_213847_1.jpg.2827142f4a2194c236b3bde1b0e05e28.jpg





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