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Best tanks for drilling

Chiclid addict

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I am gonna build a 55 for my axolotl sometime in the next year but I am preparing now I am gonna have a sump so I want to drill it so What is the best kind/brand of tank for drilling these are my one needs 

1. come in a 55 gallon 

2.non tempered glass(obviously)

3. Be some what easy to get 

4. Easy to drill 

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Sometimes a vendor (Aqueon) slip in a tempered side panels.

"Aqueon Glass Aquariums  Tempered vs. Non Tempered
Due to glass availability, Central Aquatics may temporarily substitute regular or non-tempered glass panels with tempered glass panels. Anytime a glass substitution is made, a sticker will be adhered to the aquarium bottom as a precaution to the end user."

Sticker or not I always use a polarizing filter to verify the panel to be drilled is not tempered.

Here's a quick test.  Not my video.


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