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Accidental breeding tank


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This was a tank i setup from late 2019 from an old jewelry case my mom had lying around, originally it was a 8ish gallon shrimp tank but it picked up other inhabitants along the way. 

Now the inhabitants include:

Hundreds of cherry shrimp

8 briggitae (chilli) rasbora

5 adult ember tetra( freebie from the chilli rasbora purchase) 

7 pygmy cory

A handfull of pest snails and some rabbit snail. 

A few mjnth ago i started noticing ember tetra fry, and because i started feeding heavily most has grown to adult size. 

The problem i want to ask is will the population going to control itself or am i looking at the slowest trainwreck happening?. 


There are now at least an additiinal 4 juvebile ember tetra and another 6 fry under the pelia moss. I am certain i have adequate chemical filtration but ive never bred tetras before, are they gonna chocke my tank?

T tank has an 1.5 inch gravel substrate with another 2-5 mm thick mulm layer on top filled with wiggly tubifex worms. Filtration is a hang on back with a giant pothos growing from it that needs trimming every week. I also added an airstone just in case it helps. 

Thanks for any advice/suggestion.










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