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Look at the table by the directions. Determine what pH you want to set. That's the ratio you will use. If I remember correctly, Acid Buffer dose is 2grams per 20 gallons. So if I have 30 gallons, I'll need to add 1 gram. So make the adjustment for your gallons then multiply by the ratio. Acid Buffer is always 1. 

So in my example, 30 gallons I need to use 3g Acid Buffer x 1=3g for 30 gallons.

If I choose a 6.5 pH and I want to use Alkaline Buffer to target that number in my 30 gallons, I do the same thing. Alkaline Buffer is 6grams per 20 gallons. So I will need to add 3g for 30 gallons. That's 9g for my 30 gallons. Looking at the ratio for 6.5pH, I will multiply 9x1.3=11.7g

So 3g Acid Buffer and 11.7g Alkaline Buffer, in my 30gallons, will make a pH of 6.5. 

This is for RO water. If you use tap, you will have to adjust through trial and error.

My recommendation though, is to not target pH, but to Target dKH via the same method, but just use the dKH numbers.

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