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Plant ?space? heater

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First, I understand plants shouldn't touch the heater in an aquarium.  My question is: are some plants happier further away from the heat and maybe some like to be closer?  Fish have their preferences and being a gardener I know some plants don't like heat and some starve for it.  I know, which plants are you talking about?  Ok, if ACO sells it I am looking at those as I intend to try as many as possible.  If I missed a video on this a link would be great or just any suggestions from experience would be greatly appreciated.


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Proximity to the heater has never been an issue in my tanks. In my current tank I have an extremely large Green Ocelot Sword and a Lobelia cardinalis growing right in front of the heater and it has yet to do damage to leaves, some of which are actually touching it.20210219_165738.jpg.82528b0a449cd289b3eac6ad99e2390b.jpg

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