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Should I be concerned about my shrimp?


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So a few things I got questions about, not all breeding related but my biggest concern is that I haven't seen any babies since I saw 2 almost a week ago. 

First I have a shrimp that has brown patches after molting. I posted on a shrimp specific subreddit and everyone seemed to think it wasn't a concern for the health of the shrimp but I wanted another opinion. It's been a few days since this picture was taken and the brown seems to be going away. Before molting the brown areas were very very dark blue almost black. 


Second concern is about babies. I had 2 berried females for 3-4 weeks then I noticed they were no longer carrying eggs. A day or 2 later I saw 2 small shrimp that hadn't gotten any color yet but that's the only time I've seen any babies and it was almost a week ago. 

Third is a dead adult I found yesterday. I checks water parameters with my new coop multi test strips and nitrates were between 10 and 25, nitrites 0, Gh was was even more purple that the chart goes, Kh was 80, pH was 7.2 and chlorine was 0. Did a water change just to be sure. 

It's a heavily planted 10g with a nicrew light, medium coop sponge filter, and a mix of aquarium sand and crushed coral for substrate. I use easy green and easy root tabs. Here is an older picture of the tank it has grown in more since. 


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I wouldn't worry, baby  shrimp are very small, and unless there are a bunch, most of the time you overlook them. I know when I set up tanks, if there is lots of cover for them to hide, like there is in your tank, it seems like forever until I see more shrimp, but then its like all at once you start seeing them in all sizes. 

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Thanks! I actually saw another baby just now when I went down to feed my tanks in the basement after work. The only reason I even saw it was because it was riding a baby snail on the front glass. 

Also the brown blotches on the one shrimp are almost completely gone now. 

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