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  1. I'm new to neocaridina, so I don't know if I have a problem. The tank's been steady at 72, but the heater didn't shut itself off last night (we're all surprised, I know 🙄), and the temp wooshed from 72 to 80 in 15 hours. The shrimp are young. Many females have been saddled for weeks, but I haven't seen any berried. I removed the heater, and took the lid off to let it cool. Is there anything else I should do? They appear to be acting fine, but I've heard this can cause a "premature molt." Is that a problem?
  2. I'm getting my first-ever shrimp this weekend! 🙂 They're juvenile neocaridina. I'll be dividing them into 2 tanks, in case 1 tank has a problem I can't detect. I've got all my ducks in a row, with 1 exception. I don't understand how concerned I should be about GH. Currently, 1 tank has GH 13, and the other is GH 19. Good? Bad? Why?
  3. Thought you guys might enjoy a short live molt video I filmed 🙂
  4. Parameters: 10 gallon, 79* pH 6.6 Ammonia and nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 50-100 GH: 150 KH: 40-80 I lost an amano in my 10 gallon grow-out tank yesterday. It was very pink looking, like a cooked cocktail shrimp. Today another amano is turning pale and opaque. I think this could be a bacterial infection... but could it also be a nutrient deficiency? Anyone seen this before? I’ve had these shrimp since January and this is the first issue I’ve seen with them. Unfortunately I had a similar problem with cherry shrimp in this same tank before I got the amanos. The tank was shrimp-free for at least a month between the two, and I was hoping any infection would have died without a host, but maybe not. Other info: A week ago I treated this tank with paracleanse trying to save a quarantining honey gourami.
  5. We have non aquatic folk worrying that sinister death is attacking our beaches right now.... what they don't realize is it's a crab molt! I guess it would be shocking to see that many little bodies washed up in the tide. https://uclueletaquarium.org/the-crabs-arent-dead/?fbclid=IwAR0xFSAQ1ekqbOIz3R5pLZGZw4rm4U4AB8JEOyXX5_3UXQ50oIblifpPDZU
  6. So a few things I got questions about, not all breeding related but my biggest concern is that I haven't seen any babies since I saw 2 almost a week ago. First I have a shrimp that has brown patches after molting. I posted on a shrimp specific subreddit and everyone seemed to think it wasn't a concern for the health of the shrimp but I wanted another opinion. It's been a few days since this picture was taken and the brown seems to be going away. Before molting the brown areas were very very dark blue almost black. Second concern is about babies. I had 2 berried females for 3-4 weeks then I noticed they were no longer carrying eggs. A day or 2 later I saw 2 small shrimp that hadn't gotten any color yet but that's the only time I've seen any babies and it was almost a week ago. Third is a dead adult I found yesterday. I checks water parameters with my new coop multi test strips and nitrates were between 10 and 25, nitrites 0, Gh was was even more purple that the chart goes, Kh was 80, pH was 7.2 and chlorine was 0. Did a water change just to be sure. It's a heavily planted 10g with a nicrew light, medium coop sponge filter, and a mix of aquarium sand and crushed coral for substrate. I use easy green and easy root tabs. Here is an older picture of the tank it has grown in more since.
  7. Molt vs Muerte: The mystery of the missing shrimp deepens So back to the hobby after 10 years or so. I have a 29 gallon, The first occupant is a koi betta, then I added 5-6 amano shrimp; They looked bigger in the store than when I brought them home. Betta was intensely curious about these fast-moving bugs I put in his home. After a couple days, the shrimp disappeared. I presumed they were in hiding since reading a similar post on a google search that they can hide for several days. Soon I added more tank mates to distract Emperor Staleek the betta, 10 black neon Tetras, whom he has decided are not worthy of his attention. Then 6 Otocinclus to entertain the emperor with their antics. I cut the amount of hours the light was on, and have made sure there is a piece of zucchini or algae wafer in the tank at night, presuming the shrimp are coming out then. Twice, late at night while examining the tank with a dim led candle, I have seen exactly one shrimp still alive, near the big rock that I'm afraid to move to check under cuz it would really squish 'em if it slipped. As I posted in my introduction, It's now been 6 days since I've seen a shrimp alive. Today I found what I'm 99% sure is a shrimp molt, but since I've never kept shrimp before, I could be wrong. (I used to catch crayfish from a creek and have seen them molt before, though) *Is there any way to tell the difference between a molt and a carcass?* I'd presume a carcass would have been covered in snails or maybe the otos. I took out the molt with tweezers, it doesn't smell fishy, there's no obvious pieces of flesh, it's clear, there's a gap between the head and abdomen where I presume the moltee left its former shell. My new theory is that when I added them to the tank they were so small and I fed them so much they grew and hid to molt, and I hope to see more of them when they harden back up. Any other thoughts or suggestions? P.S. Lid is glass, aqueon tank has a black plastic rim, but there are gaps small enough for shrimp to have escaped; no bodies have been found outside the tank and none in the Fluval C2 Hob. Lots of cholla wood that is hollow in the tank as well.
  8. The crayfish is approximately a 4.5” Australian Red Claw crayfish. I got him recently, and he was shipped to me while he was nearing the beginning of molting. This seems to have stressed him out, and he seems to be struggling to molt. He never has eaten since getting him (this month the 21st). the 22nd or 23rd, he started being less active, waving his legs around above his head, and laying somewhat lopsided on the ground. Fast-forward to the 24th til currently, and he’s been falling onto his side and waving his legs and claws around periodically. Occasionally, he gets up to walk around, and does so very clumsily, while some of his legs remain completely outstretched. Tonight, I finally got a better glimpse at him (as he’s now doing the behavior in front of me every now and again), and some of his legs are looking twisted up. I have iodine in the tank that was added a few days ago (maybe two). But I want to know if there’s anything else I can do. Should the molting process be taking this long, and is it normal to not see any progress so far? I’ve heard of people intervening, and I’m curious if that would be on the table if no progress is made by the time the molting should be done. Though I wouldn’t want to risk it, if it seemed far too dangerous or stressful compared to just leaving him be (as getting involved usually makes things worse). Here’s how he’s been looking, if that will aid in any advice. Him when he’s laying on his side (often what he’s been doing: Him when he was walking a little today:
  9. So originally I posted about my crawfish having molted and one of her claws having been stuck I was told to let her chill and get it off herself but now she picked off some of it and her meat or flesh or whatever is showing!!! Should I continue to leave her be?? I tried to help her in the beginning BUT she was WAYYYYYY to stressed to let me near her I feel I will for sure stress her to death if I even attempt to help her remove this.... First photo is hours after her molt second is today!
  10. Take a look at this brand new molt! Its previous owner went off to hide for a while, I guess.
  11. I'm a new shrimp keeper and got unreasonably excited to see I had my first molt today! But I'm not sure who it's from. I *think* I counted everyone (it is possible that the molted shrimp is hiding and I miscounted because some of them do look alike) but I don't know who it was that molted. Do they look different afterwards? Will they keep doing stretches post-molt? There are one or two doing stretches still, but it's my understanding they do that pre-molt. If it was a female and she had her eggs fertilized, will it be super obvious as soon as I see her that she's berried? Or will it take some time for her to look pregnant? Some of my shrimp are really pigmented and hard to see through to look at the saddle, etc. Thanks in advance!
  12. So my crayfish molted and her claw is very much stuck I have read lots of different opinions on wear to help them get it off or leave them but this is really stuck i tried to slightly tug it to see and it isnt budging so what should I do?
  13. So my crayfish molted and her claw is very much stuck I have read lots of different opinions to help them get it off or leave them but this is really stuck i tried to slightly tug it to see and it isnt budging so what should I do? Any time I try to help her a bit she gets very stressed and flips over I don't want to stress her and kill her that way! I am so worried 😞 She is still trying to get it off and watching her struggle is breaking my heart
  14. I have a couple Blue Velvet shrimp in my tank.
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