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Ph:7, Kh:40, Gh:150, nitrite 0, nitrate 20, ammonia 0. temp 80

I am a new hobbyist with a betta fish that I rescued from bad conditions. I have him in a 10 gallon with a few plants and a mystery snail. 
My fish has white spots that are seeming to spread over his face and being a first time fish mom I really need help diagnosing. He still is interested in his food and doesn’t seem lethargic. I added crushed corals to help the alkalinity hoping that might help, but the alkalinity is still really low. 

the first picture is when I first added him to the tank, the next is 2 weeks later and the last photo is yesterday. I’m really worried about him and I really want to be careful when medicating him and would appreciate any advice. 




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