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Parasite ID and treatment

chris c

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Good Day folks,

Take a quick look at the pics.  This is one tough species of worm / nematode to get rid of.  Has anyone seen something like this before? 

Tank has been treated 3 times using @Cory 's schedule and the fritz product that is sold by the co-op (https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/fish-medicine/products/fritz-paracleanse?variant=31400602337349). 

It appears that the worm tends to "disappear" and then show up again.  This does not kill the fish from what I can tell.  The tank is heavily planted and its very hard to count every fish.  

I am thinking of treating the tank with levamisole-hydrochloride but since I can't vacuum well due to plants I not sure this is the best option.  

What are your folk's thoughts? 




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