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Moving 'Cross Country


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So i am moving across country from Florida to Pennsylvania in the next 4-6 months, and I'm kinda excited. Mostly because i feel like it's a free excuse for a reset in aquarium keeping but i get to start over with over a year's worth of knowledge to build from the ground up correctly. 

I am kinda sad because of our current predicament, I'm not going to be able to keep all our fish that have stayed with us for so long. We have 7.5, 10, 10, and a 75 gallon tank teeming with life, not to mention 2 cats and a dog. The plan is to take the inhabitants of the 7.5 and 10 gallons with us in a tub in the car and all my fave plants from all the tanks in a 5 gallon bucket, but the 75 gallon inhabitants will probably have to go back to the lfs 😧

So i do have a question. In a perfect world, we're moving to Bethlehem, PA, but we're also looking at other cities that are about an hour away in any direction of Bethlehem, Allentown, Quakertown. Is anyone from that region known what the water conditions are like up there? Or the more fun question, what are cool/good fish stores in those cities? I value the opinions of any locals to that region on this forum higher than randos on google reviews. 

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