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Do you cover small gaps in your lids?


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Since someone mentioned that one of their amanos escaped and became a crisp ☹️ I’m wondering if I should make my tanks more secure. I have amanos in both my 55 and my 10 gallon, and both tanks have lids with sizable gaps for cords and such. I’ve had the amanos for maybe a month and there haven’t been any escape attempts yet (that I know of—some could have left the 55 for all I know), but I would rather not wait to fix the problem until I’ve lost one. 

Do you all close up gaps like this? Or do you just call it good enough and roll with any losses? And if you do cover gaps like this, how do you do it?



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You have probably seen people use that plastic craft mesh (for yarn projects) and how it works for so many things with aquariums.  I think Dean and Cory made it into a cylinder breeding barrier to save fry.  I see different breeders use it as grid that eggs fall through over containers or the bottom of tanks.  It comes in black and clear and in different size mesh.  I have used it for making snail traps; for attaching mosses to; I put it in my siphon tube to prevent snails from getting stuck in the hose while gravel vacuuming; for making a custom grill for an intake tube.  I use fishing line to sew it into what shape I need or silicone it, or epoxy it, or wedge it, or attach it to Velcro as needed to cover gaps in aquarium tops as needed too.


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