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Guava leaves?

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Does anyone have any experience using guava leaves for their pH-lowering and tannin effects? I just learned about them today. The internet says it's a good alternative to catappa leaves, and that they don't seem to darken the water as much. Is this true from anyone's experience? 

The reason I ask is because I have a Mexican Cream Guava tree in my front yard and I hate the fruit. But if I can make use of the leaves, that would be awesome! Especially since my local water is liquid rock.



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I also have liquid rock water. I don't think tannins alone are capable of overcoming the calcium and magnesium in water to drive down the ph. Tannins are weak acids and can only lower the ph when less buffers are present in the water. I've only been able to get lower ph with RODI water. Also the injection of CO2 in my planted tank lowers the ph, but I use a controller to stop it. 

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My tap comes out at 8.4 ph I use fluval stratum and that drops me down to 7.4. I keep some of the stratum in a bucket and let it sit overnight so I don't swing my ph with water changes. But fluval stratum isn't free or really cheap for that matter.

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