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Tinted/Colored Gravel


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Hello guys,
I was busy with work and active for a while. Anyway, I was thinking to get Anacharis Plants and the petshop clerk told me that It will be hard for them to grow because I have tinted gravel. Does tinted gravel affects plants growth too? if yes, man I should've chosen non-tinted gravel before.



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1 minute ago, RovingGinger said:

You might want root tabs or other fertilizer more often because it won’t store nutrients the way an expensive plant-specific substrate like ecocomplete might. 

You just answered a question that I was about to ask, Thanks!

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3 hours ago, Kat_Rigel said:

I can't imagine why tinted/colored gravel would matter. Its designed not to leach or anything (manufacturers expect you'll keep it with fish,) so im not sure how it would harm anything.

Make sense, Thanks for the input!

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