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Can I put an air stone in my sump?

Geoff kuiken

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13 hours ago, Geoff kuiken said:

I have a lifegard 24 gallon aquarium that has a built in sump (it occupies the last 2 inches of my aquarium).  I’m curious if I can put my air stone in there?  Or do I need the air stone in the main part of the tank?  I’m already hiding my heater in there so it got me wondering.  Thank you. 

I'm so glad you asked this! I have a marineland with a similar built-in filter zone in the back of the tank and I want to put tetras and some small gouramis in there, who like very low flow. The back area is just big enough for the smallest sponge filter with an airstone, so I'm hoping that's enough to aerate the water with the built in pump turned down low and baffled. Sounds like it might be!

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