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The Wonders of Wonder-Shell ​😲​

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When I have time, I like to 'tinker' in the fish-room.  

Am a big fan of the product Wonder-Shell and generally purchase the large (giant) 2 1/4 ounce product.  

Often times, I just break it up into small pieces anyway, so ultimately, am left with a fine residue & smaller particles  of Wonder-Shell, left over.

The dosing instructions are fairly loose and experimented with my preferred tank 'remineralization' levels after water changes, through trial and error.

As fish-keepers, we measure medicines, chemicals, food and various other supplements, but I wanted to narrow down the Wonder-Shell dosage some more.




What I have found is that 1/4 teaspoon of fully pulverized and dissolved Wonder-Shell,  per 1 gallon of water, raised the measured water GH by approx 10 degrees.  So, if applied further, the same 1/4 teaspoon did indeed raise the measured water GH by 1 degree in an approx 10 gallon aquarium.  📊

Not sure if all Wondershells are made exactly the same, every time, but tried multiple shells and they were fairly close in test results.  

Ideally, the product is supposed to be dissolved slowly in an aquarium over time, but I like to more quickly remineralize/add additonal GH a bit after a water change and at other times of my preference.

There are many other products that will work too; but I like using items I have on hand and this did not disappoint.

Just thought I'd share my findings with everyone as a means of comparison and experimentation.




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