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Aquarium salt baths vs treating aquarium


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I have a sick fish with a decentely sized red sore on its tail.

I quarantined him by himself and did some water changes for the past week.


he hasn’t really been getting better and is slowly looking less active.


i was just about to put in 2 tablespoons of API aquarium salt into the 45 litre quatrantine tank.

until I thought, how long should the salt stay there? 

can someone advise me on whether it’s better to add the salt as I planned or if it’s better to just give the fish a 5-10minute bath?

thank you

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The first time I used salt, I wondered the same thing. I decided it was better to do a long-term salt treatment rather than a concentrated salt dip. I’m sure people have had success with both, but based on what I was reading, I felt like my chances of success were better with the long term treatment.

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