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Found 11 results

  1. I have a fish that, with 6 other girls ate a few worms about 6 months ago as we bought shrimps that gave us tge worms and whatever else. Anyway she now has a big blood spot on her side and looks like she is going to explode, help My tank has 0 Ammonia sometimes low level result. No nitrite and low nitrate. PH is 7.6
  2. LiorM

    Zit ?

    My Geopagus has been getting for lack of a better word "Zits". it's not ich, there's always just one. I dont see any lesions and these come and go away. hole in the head ? when these zits go away they barely leave mark. it's an established tank, no bullying, no recent fish addition, in the past all fish were dewormed, I run plenty of filteration+ purigen. Any ideas on what these are and how to help these go away?
  3. Hello fellow hobbyists, Today I received my first fancy goldfish (3 female Thai ornadas). They arrived via Fedex overnight shipping. They're beautiful however I noticed that once of them has significant injury on the left tail base (please see attached). I'm concerned that the pink I'm seeing is actual muscle. I've been instructed to do a 3 week regime of sea salt and 25% water changes once a day for 50 days by the breeder. The tank is new but cycled. Water parameters are normal. Is this scale loss a common consequence for shipping fish? Should I be concerned something else might be afoot (e.g. ich)? Should I do something else to treat the issue? I don't have a hospital tank.
  4. I'm sitting in the living room when I look up and notice something on Ursula's side. I'm about 93% sure it was not there as of 3 hours ago when I fed her and spent a while watching her. It was for sure not there 5 days ago, that's when I have the last good photo of her with no sign of anything. I've had problems with my guppies and one of my bettas in the last while so I'm really scared of health things lately. It looks like it has air bubbles (or glitter) trapped in/under it, and it moves towards and away from her body as she swims like it's only attached by one point. It almost looks like it might be a loose scale? Is that a thing? General details- 4 inch young oscar alone in an 80 gallon tank, planted, FX4 filtered, 80 degrees, set up for 2 weeks so still very new. 0-0.25 ammonia, since it's a new setup I'm monitoring that closely, 0 nitrite, ~10 nitrate. Last water change done yesterday, 45%. Hopefully these pictures can give a sense of it. It's confusing me.
  5. I believe my betta always had some sort of white lump/bump but the look of it has changed. It's almost as if it got slightly bigger and move forward towards his head. Over time, another white bump appeared on each side of his body. Does anybody know what it is and what I should do? It doesn't look cottony like examples I've seen of fungal growth. I've thought of using aquarium salt and see if it helps but not sure if its needed and worried if it'll hurt my plants or snail. He's also shows no sign of illness or lethargy and is eating really well. Gets a mix of pellets, bug bites, freeze dried daphnia/mysis and bloodworms. He's in a 10 gallon with a sponge filter and a heater set to about 78F with only a nerite snail, some RRF, water lettuce, aponogeton, banana plant, java moss, java fern and anubias. I did have some silk plants in there but I have since removed as I got more live plants and feared maybe he got hurt rubbing up against the plastic. The only other thing that has been happening is I had a lot of RRF melt so been sucking those out from time to time along with my weekly 20-30% water changes. Water Parameters: pH 6.5 Nitrates 0 Nitrite 0 Ammonia - 0
  6. pH - 7.6 Nitrates - 20-40 Hardness - 350ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 260ppm Water Temperature - 79F Hi guys, my angelfish has developed this very nasty, painful looking open wound on its right "cheek". Does anyone ahve any idea what is this? I thought bacterial infection but doesn't look like it? It started as a white, fuzzy patch, then in 2 days has progressed into this. I've been treating with malachite green from the moment I saw it, but seems it hasn't been useful. Any suggestions are welcome. He shares the 100g tank with other 3 angelfish, a big oscar and a baby jack dempsey. I thought the jack dempsey might have attacked him or something, but seems unlikely, this tank is very very peaceful.
  7. Hello, I have a sick fish with a decentely sized red sore on its tail. I quarantined him by himself and did some water changes for the past week. he hasn’t really been getting better and is slowly looking less active. i was just about to put in 2 tablespoons of API aquarium salt into the 45 litre quatrantine tank. until I thought, how long should the salt stay there? can someone advise me on whether it’s better to add the salt as I planned or if it’s better to just give the fish a 5-10minute bath? thank you
  8. Something is wrong with this guppy. He has barely moved in the last couple of hours.
  9. I’ve got a planted 180litre barb-tank. This gold barb has had a little red spot for the past 2 months. I do weekly 60% water changes as I’m pretty well stocked. ive just raised the temperature from 25c - 26.5c to see if that helps. does anyone know if this is potentially lethal and what’s the best way to go about it? thanks!
  10. I’ve had a koi female betta in a 5 gallon bare bottom quarantine tank since the end of November with the 1 male guppy. At the beginning of January she started pineconing on one side and her swimming was off. Eventually she displayed dropsy behavior as well and just sat at the top of the tank. I thought she was a goner but decided to attempt saving her. I added 1/2 tsp of epsom salt to the tank and another 1/2 tsp two days later. Today I checked on her and her pineconing is completely gone but she has a large hole in her side. I have one large piece of lava rock in the tank and she spends most of her time underneath that now instead of at the top as she was when pine coned. She will come out to swim occasionally and I have gotten her to eat live black worms. I have no idea if she will actually recover but the hole in her side really freaked me out. ph-8, temp 85F (usually kept at 80 but raised after betta became sick), nitrates 20
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