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Hi Cory, I’m a huge fan of your video channel. I’m looking for a little advice of possible please. I currently have a 300 gallon freshwater aquarium filled with Tetras and lots of live plants and thick substrate. I also have a waterfall that slowly drips water into the aquarium twice a week to act as a partial water change from the evaporation which was made for that reason. My question is I currently use a fluval 5 that I would like to actually stop using as I believe my aquarium has enough oxygen and seems to be somewhat a natural ecosystem providing and equal balance. I’m scared my fluval is actually working against what I’m trying to achieve naturally. Thanks so much for your help


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First of all, a waterfall into the tank like that is amazing. If the plants are growing well. You should be able to just use a couple airstones and not need a canister filter at all. Since bacteria coats everything in the aquarium, and plants will consume nitrates. You can achieve balance without a filter. But the airstones will make sure there is water movement and enough oxygen.

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Awesome 👍

NB though that evaporation and (tap water) top-up doesn't make a partial water change. (Only water evaporates while water+solutes are added - in the long run possibly building up.) I'm not saying you didn't know this, but some people reading may be unaware. 🙂

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