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Potentially Columnaris?


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3 days ago I bought fish from my local fish store that I've never had a problem with until this time. I bought a cardinal tetra, a corydora, 2 guppies, nerites, and 3 anchor cats to add to my schools in my display tank. Thank goodness I quarantined them!! I woke up this morning and the cardinal tetra that looked fine yesterday is definitely dying with what I'm pretty sure is Columnaris. Tail is completely gone, gasping, body is white/bleached dorsally behind his dorsal fin and ventrally just back from his head. I yanked him out and put him in a quarantine bucket right away and then dosed both tanks with Fritz Maracyn (thats what I have from the QT meds trio). I also added a tsp/gal of salt to the bucket with the sick fish. But now that I was looking it up it sounds like Maracyn likely won't treat Columnaris (although the box lists it). I'm mostly worried about preventing it in the rest of the fish in the QT (the cardinal is probably a goner) which I can't add salt to because it has a lot of plants and the anchor cats (3 new ones plus 2 I had from before). 

What should I do? Should I find another med to add to the QT tank? Everybody looks okay for now anyways. 

Parameters: I can't check until later today, but they were totally normal just a couple days ago (it's a well established tank, picture included). 

Temp: 78 F

Ammonia: usually 0

Nitrite: usually 0

Nitrate: usually lower - 20 

Very hard water with a pH of 8.2-8.4 (not sure exactly what it is, I rarely test pH)



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He already died, so the pictures aren't the best. But if you look closely towards his tail (or what was his tail...) you might be able to make out the bleached back. The white on the ventral side behind his head ended up being just his normal coloring (after I got him in a bag I could see it better and it was just the white that my healthy cardinals have too). 





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