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Guppies with fin rot?


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So I got 2 pairs guppies from a friend's tank, and both females seem to be developing what I think is fin rot. 

His tank doesn't have fish with fin rot and parameters are fine. 

My ph is 7.8, 0 ammonia and nitrites, 15 nitrates, temp is at 78°F My other fish seem to be fine. 

I do not have access to maracyn in my country. 

Is this really fin rot? What should I do? 



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To get a better look at there fins can you get a side angle? A lot of the time with minor fin rot cases medicine isn't necessary and just fixing the cause of the finrot will do it (Thats what I am doing with my betta). Where as other times the finrot case is so extreme where you need medicine to fight off the bacteria infection and encourage the new growth of fins. Salt works really well for bacterial infections and I often reccemoend it. One thing to look out for when treating with salt is to don't treat for more then 8 days straight. This is it can cause other internal issues like liver problems. I have treated with salt for 8 days straight and my guppies were slowly recovering from their finrot, then a few days later they started not doing well and died 😞. Another medicine that will probably take a shorter time period that salt would is Maracyn.

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