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Established Crypt Melt

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I had a lovely 8 month old, established crypt that looked fine. Yesterday it began melting and lost 1/3 of its leaves, then lost another third today. There’s a few leaves left but I don’t know if they’ll make it through tomorrow.

Should I cut it back and wait to see if it regrows from the roots? Leave the few leaves that are left and see what happens? Or take it out entirely? Not sure what caused it to instantly melt. I haven’t added any new fish in months. ammonia 0 nitrate 0, nitrates 40 (right before doing a water change.) I use Eazy Green and Root tabs.. 

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I just checked again, all 3 tanks are at the same ph 7.6, gh 30, kh 180 which is normal for our water and I don’t use anything to adjust it. I have another smaller crypt in that tank that looks ok so far, but I’ve only had for 6 weeks. Pogo, anubius, val, dwarf lily, duck weed all look fine, fish and snails are healthy. Nitrates down to 10 after a water change and I haven’t changed my maintenance schedule. The affected crypt has 5 leaves left but don’t look like they’ll survive. 🤔 

Thanks for the help! 

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