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Betta with Unilateral Popeye


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Hello everyone,

I sure hope someone can help me.  My betta has popeye in one eye. I am not sure if he got hurt when we moved, which is possible, there was some rough road we went over while in a U-Haul and my betta got sloshed around a bit. I have tried a couple different things to help him. He lives in a 10 gallon tank, using a penn plax corner filter with sponge and carbon, and an aqueon 50watt heater, which is supposed to be preset to 78F. He also has a light for a planted tank with a sunlight and a moonlight setting. He also has a Wondershell in his tank that I've replaced on a monthly basis as it dissolves. I should mention I can't set up a separate aquarium for him, which I know would be recommended, but I don't have the space for an extra tank, nor the money for setting one up. So, his tankmates (3 dwarf corys, 3 kuhli loaches, and 2 gobys I can't recall the exact name of) have to go through whatever treatment he does. All of the rest of the fish that are with him are fine, and may have benefitted from the different medications.

I took out the carbon filter before starting treatments, but left the sponge in the filter. First, I tried a week's worth of melafix. There was no improvement in my betta's popeye. I then went to a local fish shop. I figured they might have an answer for me. I bought a box of Furan 2. Following the instructions, I dosed for 2 days, then did a partial water change. Used the whole box. Still has popeye in one eye. I have read about epsom salt baths, and have some epsom salt to use, but wasn't sure if he needed a salt bath or more medications.

While the tank was undergoing treatment, several weeks without a carbon filter, the water parameters suffered. I have been working on resolving that since stopping treatments. Right now, his tank stays somewhere between 72F and 78F. Using an API freshwater master testkit, I get the following results:

PH- 7

Ammonia- 0.25 ppm, but I also used an ammonia reducer to neutralize the ammonia while I worked on righting the water parameters.

Nitrates- 0 ppm

Nitrites- 0 ppm


I really want to help my fish. He's my little finny friend, and I want to give him a good life. He may not be the fanciest betta ever, but he's my favorite. I don't want to keep asking people at the local fish shop for help, because they're just going to try to sell me something that may or may not help my finny friend. I can't afford to keep throwing money at a cure that MIGHT help him. He eats good, even if he is picky (always has been), he interacts with his tankmates, and is always happy to follow my finger along the tank glass.


I just want my finny friend to be okay. Please help me help him.

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I have been adding some aquarium salt to his tank, but not on a regular basis, and at a lower ratio.

How often would you suggest a water change?  It's a 10 gallon tank. Right now, I change some water out every couple days. I can't change more than 1/2 of it at a time, because the water out of our tap is pretty cold, and drops the tank temp, even with some of it being heated before being added to the tank.

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When you do your water change  add 1 table spoon for 3 gallons  and leave it for one week I stopped to using carbon in any of my tanks I do think it has any effect on water conditions 

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