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One of my zebra danios scraped the scales off her back when she got stuck today.  She is in a community tank and seems to behaving as herself except I can see her scales are missing on her back.  I am not good at getting photos of my crazy danios.

Should I medicate her and if so, with what?

I have stress coat in the tank from last water change and am doing a change today.

All I have at home is sulfaplex - I have shrimp in my tank now, so I don't think I can use that.

What should I do for her to help her heal and not get an infection?


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If she seems otherwise fine, I'd just keep an eye on her. Just in my experience, getting scales scraped off is a pretty common thing, and as long at the fish is in good health, she should regrow them quickly without problem. Keeping up water quality with water changes is something you can do to help. 

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