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6.5 gallon aquarium make over 

Aldrich Aquarium

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Planted aquariums are awesome! You can go in so many directions. Java Fern and Java Moss are easy. Marimo Moss Balls are fun. Crypts are pretty forgiving -- though they might get mad and "melt" on you at first. 

The thing to understand about plants is that they will need some feeding -- kind of like fish -- but with fertilizer. We use Aquarium Co-Op Easy Green in all of our serious planted tanks. There are other tanks with plants that we just let find what they need in the water column, from fish waste, nitrate, etc. 

Here's some videos for you:

(1) A 5.5 gal Betta tank we planted. Just to give you some ideas. We put a piece od wood sticking out the top, pothos house plant growing out, but with roots reaching in to absorb nitrate; Some wisteria, bronze crypt, rotala indica, java moss . . . probably something else I'm not thinking of. Gets Easy Green weekly. Home for one Betta and some shrimp.

(2) Girl Talks Fish YouTube channel -- Irene is an awesome teacher. Here's one of her videos on planted tanks. 

(3) Cory made this amazing educational video on plants that's probably way more than you'll need right now, but down the road you'll watch this a million times over. 

(4) Just for craaaaaazy cool tank sake . . . check out Green Aqua pull out all the stops on a nano aquascape. These guys are such sick artists!


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