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Bacopa Caroliniana


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When i had bacopa, it seemed that it wasnt a super fast growing plant, but is was definitely faster than anubias. I do recall it took them a while to get established to their home, but once they did they took right off and were quite happy and grew tall. Mine wernt tiny baby plants when i got them though. They were already established. What are your water parameters and what kind and how much light do you have?

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12 hours ago, Nomad said:

So I got some Bacopa and they were tiny baby plants. I got them planted and every thing looks fine but its been two weeks and I haven't seen any growth. How long does it take to grow to full size?

I don't know that there is a "full size".  I have some planted along the back of my 65 gallon tank that's grown to the top and then along the top of the water until it reached almost to the front of the tank (at which point I pruned it).  It was probably 36" tall, or very near it.

In any case, it's common for plants to grow very slowly, or not at all, when first introduced to a new environment.  Once it adjusts it should grow just fine, assuming it gets adequate light and nutrients.

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